Wendy Harvey, Counsellor and Craniosacral Therapist

I work as a therapist from my home in Grafton Lane, Hereford, which is peacefully situated in the countryside on the edge of Hereford city. I have been working as a counsellor for 30 years and as a craniosacral therapist for 14 years. I am an Accredited Counsellor with the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy and am on the Register of the Craniosacral Therapy Association, UK and work according to the Code of Ethics and Practice of both these bodies.

My clients include individuals and couples, and people of all ages and backgrounds, some looking for talking therapy, others for craniosacral therapy to help with physical conditions. Some clients like to combine both counselling and craniosacral therapy, and, as mind and body problems are not really separate, this can be a very helpful way of supporting you. I like to have a flexible, open approach and, by talking with each person about their needs when we first meet, to work out what kind of therapy is going to be most helpful.

Healing philosophy

My approach to therapy is focused on valuing the whole person and deeply listening to whatever needs attention, whether it is at the level of body, mind or spirit. I believe in beginning where you are now and going on from there with an open mind. By trusting the process to unfold organically you can find your own path through a process of sharing and exploring together.

People often ask me whether working with people's problems and difficulties is a stressful occupation, but I have found it to be a very rich and rewarding one. It is a great privilege to be in a position to accompany people on their healing path and I never cease to find out new things about myself in the process. From my own healing journey I have come to trust the power of awareness to transform difficulties into opportunities for learning, growth and change and I am committed to sharing this approach with others.

Other interests

When I am not being a therapist, I enjoy looking after the garden and growing flowers, fruit and vegetables, meditating daily and being in a mindfulness support group, reading widely and belonging to a book group, watching films, slowly teaching myself to play the piano, walking, and being Grandma to three delightful grandchildren.

Training and experience

Contact Me

I am happy to talk more about therapy with you, whatever your needs. Call me, or if you prefer you can email, if any of your questions are not answered on the Counselling and Craniosacral Therapy pages. Whether your difficulties are mostly emotional, physical or both, we can discuss how counselling or craniosacral therapy or a flexible combination of the two might help you.

Telephone: 01432 276966

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Wendy Harvey with her Grand-daughter